Is Your Team Selling to Everyone?

Handshake of businesspeopleOne of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to sell to everyone that comes into your pipeline.

I know, it’s intuitive as a salesperson to sell as much as possible, but effective salespeople know how to pick and choose which prospects to sell to. They know the good from the bad.

The reality is, not every prospect is an ideal candidate for your product or service. The sooner you learn this important lesson, the sooner you can focus on the prospects that are ideal candidates for you to work with.

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Not to mention when you attempt to sell to people who are not ideal for your business, you waste time, one of your most precious commodities. Even if they become clients, the relationship will more than likely be temporary and has a high potential of becoming tumultuous. More often than not, these types of clients are not worth the initial sale.

In order to create real client success you must first understand your ideal client. Look at your current client base and determine the most profitable clients you work with. Understand the common qualities that they all share. You will also want to pinpoint your ideal clients’ issues and problems that your product successfully addresses. Once you have a proper understanding of your ideal client, you can begin to pursue prospects with similar qualities.

By focusing your time on the right types of prospects, you save valuable time by working with people who are most likely to turn into long term, profitable clients. And, you create greater customer loyalty because you are able to deliver a product that exactly addresses that particular client’s issues and problems.

Testimonials and case studies will also have a greater effect on your prospects if you have already dealt with and created success for clients that are similar to them. Prospects are more likely to want to work with people and businesses that are already familiar with their particular industry.

It’s common to see salespeople in all industries attempting to close deals with numerous prospects who are clearly not a right fit. While they may be working hard with this approach, they are not necessarily working smart.

Fine tune your approach and you will enjoy the many benefits of working with the right prospects for your business.

What’s one quality you look for when working with a new client?

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