Is it Time for a Check-up?

Time for a Check-Up words on a clock face as a reminder to get a physical, examination or evaluation as a preventative precaution and good health care

Your sales process could be out of date or prone to more errors than you think.

Recently, I worked with a sales VP who was looking to retool their entire sales process. He works with two sales managers who have been in their respective positions for a number of years.

Due to this, their process has become more or less automatic. I helped them conduct an end to end sales process review, and here’s what we discovered:

The sales managers only reviewed quotes after they went out. The result? They sometimes didn’t like the quotes that they saw, and in about 2-3% of the cases, they asked the sales reps to redo the pricing, arbitrarily, without even asking the customer, and then send it back to the buyer.

Now – 2-3% at first glance doesn’t seem like a very big number. But, if you’re going through hundreds of quotes a week, and thousands of quotes a year, it doesn’t take a math genius to realize that it starts to add up.

Can you see how this one thing, completely overlooked, can be a real cause for concern? Making the same mistake over and over again with multiple clients is the last thing a business wants to be known for.

While this exact scenario isn’t necessarily unfolding in your business, the lesson is the same.

You must conduct an end to end review of your entire sales process and ensure it’s as efficient as possible. <– Click to Tweet

If you fail to neglect this important review, you’ll never know what sales disaster might be awaiting you right around the corner.

How often do you conduct process reviews in your business?

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