Improving Your Closing Ratios

On average it takes 75 cold calls to make one sale to a net new customer. Recently I was speaking at an event and a sales rep selling training services noted that in her industry the number is closer to 1 in 125. Either way the numbers are high!

On average Engage clients see a closing ratio of 1:2 for referred leads and 1:5 for call-ins. Knowing that, wouldn’t it be better for everyone to change your sales strategy to focus on increasing referred leads and calls-ins?

How can you get more referrals? For specific tactics visit our previous posts at in March. As a quick tip – ask for them everyday. Most sales people I coach don’t have a habit of asking for referrals regularly nor do they have a referral strategy that is consistently executed. Therefore most sales reps don’t have a consistent flow of referred leads into their business.

How can you increase call-ins? Write. Take some time to write a few quick tip articles that are relevant to your client s base and can help them grow their business. If you convention space at a hotel write on the “Top 10 Things to Consider When Booking your Next Convention”, if you sell lawn tractor equipment try “Best 5 ways to Ensure a Healthy Lawn this Summer”. The options are endless and the trade magazines that serve your customer base are hungry for content.

I have found that writing and publishing articles is the best way to get customers to call you. Why? Because the articles you write define you as an expert in your field and position you as a valuable partner, not just a sales person. The more often your articles appear on-line or in print, the more relevant you become to your clients and prospects…. and the more they will want to do business with you.

Don’t wait for your marketing department to write for you. Do it you yourself. Start with a 5 tip article that focuses in your area. Write out the 5 points first and then add a paragraph or two of detail below each. You will end up with a 250-500 word article that is perfect for publishing. Be sure to send to to all the relevant trade publications (on line and off) with your contact information and website!

Dedicated to increasing your sales,