Implementation Strategies from the Sales Mastermind

This week I hosted 15 Best in Class Sales Leaders from all over North America to participate in our 2nd Sales Mastery Event. Here is the short list of best practices they cam up with for implementing new strategies:

  1. Limit the number of strategies  you will implement at once. To do lists are useless. Pick one thing at a time and get to it right away
  2. Follow up with your team on the implementation weekly. Hold people (and yourself)for doing what they said they would do
  3. Create an expectation and measure results
  4. Time block to get he work done
  5. Delegate less important tasks to make room for the high priority implementation
  6. Don’t wait for perfection. (you will never find it) Implement when you are 80- 90% ready with the plan.

Our next event will be in February in Florida. If you are interested let us know. There are only  5 seats remaining.