If its Not Fun….Why Do It?

Yes that’s me in Ben’s (maybe Jerry’s??) face!
I love Ben and Jerry’s! In fact I have been known to drive out of my way if I discover there is a Ben and Jerry’s scoop shop nearby. So, it no surprise that the Ben and Jerry’s Stowe Vermont factory tour was a highlight during my August vacation.
Other than the ice cream, one thing I love about Ben and Jerry’s is their company motto, “If its not fun, why do it?” Being onsite at the factory – or even just reading the labels of their ice cream – proves it. I mean really – what’s not fun about Chubby Hubby or Vermonty Python ice cream?
At Ben and Jerry’s their passion for the ice cream drives their success and their passion for the business shines in everything they do. It’s no surprise to me that Ben and Jerry’s is a highly profitable company that continues to grow.
How passionate are you about your business? Do you love what you do? Perhaps its time to rethink whether you are having fun at work. If you do have passion, and love what you do, find a way to show that. Find a way to have more fun.
If, on the otherhand, you can honestly say “Nope Colleen, I have no passion for what I sell…” Then get out. Stop doing it. Sell something else. You simply will never be in the top 10% if you don’t love what you do.
For more information on passion in business and how it contributes to success visit: https://www.engageselling.com/blog/050819article_secrets1.shtml