If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It!

Tools icon blue glass, isolated on white background. Successful salespeople have an unmatched drive to be successful. Chances are, if you are seeing any type of results or success, you have an incredible work ethic and have learned to move forward even in the face of rejection.

However, can your motivation and drive ever become unhealthy or detrimental to your success? It is absolutely a fine line, and many salespeople aren’t able to tell which side of the line they’re on.

All too often, I see salespeople who will try to force a sale on a prospect who doesn’t need their services. They simply aren’t prepared to walk away even if they aren’t a right fit for the client. They allow their desire to close the deal cloud their judgment.

It is never in anybody’s best interest to force a solution onto a problem that a prospect isn’t trying to solve. While I commend the salesperson who demonstrates persistence and consistency, they will still fail if they attempt to fix something that is not broken. Click To Tweet

Always remember that time is your scarcest resource. When we expend time and energy on prospects who are poor fits, we have less resources to spend on prospects who may become lifelong customers in the future.

Focus your attention on becoming a salesperson who only works with clients who can benefit from the relationship. Don’t let your drive or desire to close a certain number of sales get in the way of making intelligent business decisions!

What’s one sign that you and your prospect are not a good fit for each other?

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