I Love Paris! (not Hilton)

Chris and I were lucky enough last week to head off to Europe for a week of vacation. Chris has a friend from Mmmm, Macarons!military college who is currently working at NATO so it was a great opportunity to visit Brussels for a couple of days and then head off to Paris. I hadn’t been there since my whirlwind band trip in high school so it was fantastic to explore the city at our own pace and take in the great scenery and the great food. In fact, one food discovery that made my entire trip was the realization that macarons in Europe aren’t the coconut laden macaroons we get over here. Instead they are mini sandwiches of fine cookies with a ganache center… and they’re delicious!

I debated about whether or not to bring my laptop and Blackberry on this trip; it was truly supposed to be a vacation. As I’ve mentioned before, everyone needs a break – a reward for all the hard work and a time to recharge. Having said that, I realized that when you’re passionate about what you do, being completely cut off is actually more stressful than checking in regularly. Nothing is worse that discovering a work issue that festered for days that could have been resolved immediately. So a quick check of email while sitting in a Paris cafe enjoying the sun isn’t so bad.

In fact, blending work and vacation can be extremely productive. As the publisher’s deadline for the final draft of Honesty Sells was approaching, Chris and I locked ourselves up in a cottage in Lake Placid. I enjoyed the solitude to work intensely on the book without the regular distractions of the office. And I was recharged each time I took a break for a morning walk along the lake or evening hike in the surrounding mountains. The result: I completed the draft and this week Honesty Sells hit the bookstore shelves.

I’m extremely proud of Honesty Sells – it’s a refreshing message in today’s tough selling environment. When your facing an up-hill battle to make that one sale, it’s too easy to lose sight of your real goal – to establish a long term relationship with that customer. Make sure you visit our book site at www.honestysells.com to read more about establishing honest (and profitable!) relationships with your customers. And make sure you join Steven and I at next week’s no-charge teleclass (you can read the details below…)..

Dedicated to increasing your sales,