How to Integrate Social Media Into Your Sales Strategy


Discover how to integrate social media into your sales strategy.

Sales VPs ask me all the time whether sellers should utilize social media. And they ask that skeptically because they just want their sellers making phone calls and not wasting all day on social media. Although there is no simple answer, for the most part, the answer is yes—they should use social media. However, with limitations. This is because I indeed don’t want you to be on social media all day, nor do I want you thinking you can sell on social media.

More importantly, social media is a tool we use to build relationships so we can make our phone calls and sales meetings more effective. To accomplish this, I suggest you implement the Triad Tempo process (I cover this at length in chapter 4 of my new book, Right on the Money: New Principles for Bold Growth).

Integrate Social Media Into Your Sales Strategy via the Triad Tempo

Here’s the crux of the Triad Tempo: pick three kinds of media (for example, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). Then, three times a week, do three different things on those three different media. Post something original on every media platform—either something that you or your marketing department has written. In particular, this post could be a company case study, how-to tip, or something original and unique that showcases the value of your firm.

Moreover, it’s imperative to also share something that your customers or community has posted. If they’ve posted a big announcement, relevant news story, or a positive update about their business, share that.

Lastly, it’s important to comment or ask a question on somebody’s post. That somebody could be an industry association page, influencer, or it could simply be someone in your community. Let them know you’re there!

The best sellers I work with execute the Triad Tempo every day. Why? It’s easy, quick, and dramatically improves the engagement and quality of relationships that you’re building.

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