How to Frustrate Your Prospects

This is a great way to frustrate your prospects.

Have you ever been excited to call a brand and inquire about their services, only to have a horrible experience?

Perhaps nobody picks up, and there’s no voicemail option, you call again a few hours or days later only to have the same experience. Or maybe, you’re provided the extension code for every person in the company rather than a quick central line to get a hold of someone – anyone.

Or, just as annoying, you do get through to a rep or an agent, you provide them with your information, only to be redirected to another agent who proceeds to re-ask you the exact information you just provided.

Here’s another one, you leave a message for a company, and someone gets back to you…three weeks later.

There’s a common theme among each of these scenarios…you’re causing an annoyance and inconvenience before the customer even has a chance to really learn about your brand, and you’re making it difficult for your prospects to reach the objective they had in mind before reaching out to you, whether it was for an inquiry or a purchase.

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Try this approach – ensure your prospects can get a hold of you and that you respond quickly.

Each time a potential buyer chooses to initiate contact with your brand, they have an end goal in mind. Usually, that end goal has something to do with your services, even if it’s just information gathering. However, if you make it difficult or require them to jump through 40 hoops and balance a set of spinning plates before they reach that end goal, you will leave them annoyed with you and rush them straight into the arms of your competitor.

Don’t let this happen. Create systems that allow your prospects to engage with you in a way that serves them.

What’s one way to ensure you don’t frustrate your prospects before you even engage with them?