How to Find Your Sales Gold Mine

What if I told you that you may be standing on a sales gold mine and not even know it?

There are actually countless organizations who will miss their sales targets this year, without realizing that if they took advantage of this gold mine, they could not only make up lost ground, but completely exceed the results they hope to create this year.

Don’t worry about grabbing your shovels, no physical labor is necessary to tap into and grab the gold that’s already waiting for you. Wondering what I’m talking about?

Enough suspense!

It amazes me how many businesses fail to reach out to their best customers, and ask them why they love working with them.

Especially in a competitive market, it’s important to differentiate yourself. Often though, it’s difficult to pinpoint your own key differentiators. Your clients have a more objective view. If they’ve been working with you longterm and they rave about your services, why not ask them exactly what you do that creates a positive experience?

The answers they provide you are your golden nuggets. [bctt tweet=”Use these nuggets to promote yourself in a way that separates your organization from the competition that offer the same or similar services.” username=”EngageColleen”]

Take action on this immediately. Get your sales team to set aside time for call their 5 best customers and “dig” for these golden nuggets. Once you have a sufficient number of these key elements that make your service phenomenal, share them among:

  • Your team meetings
  • Your marketing materials
  • Your website
  • Your cold calls
  • Your networking activities
  • Your email lists

You’ll notice not only morale improvements among your sales force, but real and tangible reasons that your prospects should work with you instead of your competition!

Share in the comments below, what is one thing that separates you from your competition?

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