How is this Possible?

Today I unsubscribed to CIBC’s marketing email messages and I noticed the following fine print:

“you can unsubscribe by clicking here. Please note that your request to change your Do Not Solicit Email preference may take up to 10 days to process.”

10 days?

This is the case of a company leading with process rather than with the customer’s best interests.

The system we use at Engage, infusion, removes unsubscribes automatically and immediately from all lists. And I’m just a little business! You would think that CIBC could afford to put an automated system in place that removes opt outs right away.

Crazy that they can not be more responsive and I have to endure 10 more days of SPAM before their system updates my file. All the more reason to switch banks….

Are you putting systems ahead of customers? Are your processes too  cumbersome?  Are they at risk of eroding  good will and revenue?