How Do YOU Respond?

Take the time to analyze how you respond to things, both online and offline.

Recently, I posted a new video on cold calling on LinkedIn.

This topic has historically led to much discussion, debate, consideration, sharing of what’s worked for members of my community and what hasn’t, all of which I welcome and embrace as part of collectively growing and brainstorming effective methods to grow sales.

However, it also often leads to comments from people that are less than constructive as well.

This latest video on cold calling was no different. Cold calling is no longer effective as an isolated method of prospecting and I made my stance clear in the video I posted. However, the responses got me thinking, as a sales professional, how well do you respond to ideas and messages?

Do you respond based on a headline or the content? Do you listen for the full intent of what someone is saying or just what you want to hear? Are you curious or closed minded? This isn’t just related to the content you absorb online, but it also translates to how you respond to colleagues and customers.

It boggles my mind to see professionals going as far as hurling insults online due to an idea that they disagree with. Do they not realize that (especially on LinkedIn) their personal and work information is often available publicly? Do they not acknowledge that their superiors, colleagues and customers also often have visibility to this behavior?

The issue doesn’t start and stop with behavior online. Negativity has the capacity to spread. The people out there who are willing to launch statements personally attacking someone online due to a disagreement in an opinion likely treats people offline in a similar fashion.

People who are quick to shut off any opinion but their own as wrong or erroneous without giving it additional thought or consideration can’t possibly learn, grow and become more effective as quickly as those who are open minded to new ideas and possibilities – even if it differs from their current beliefs.

Ask yourself, just as I frequently as myself, how do YOU respond to differing opinions and ideas?