How do you make decisions?

“Successful people make decisions quickly and then slowly change their minds. Unsuccessful people make decision slowly and quickly change their minds.” – Andy Andrews from the Traveler’s Gift.

I notice that successful sales people also make quick decisions. They don’t over analysis – or “anal-ize” as I like to say. Sure, they gather all the facts in a detailed needs analysis and they ask questions, and think about the best approach but once they have gathered all the information they act quickly.

Acting quickly is not just limited to client focused decisions. Its also related to their own personal growth. Mid January I was training a software companies inside sales reps. We were working on techniques to have prospects call you back. At lunch, Cheryl tried a technique. WOW! Now that is immediately action. The result? The prospect called her back the next day, less than 24 hours later. And this was a a prospect who had been previously ignoring her for weeks.

great result? You Bet. All because Cheryl decided to take action now. She made a decision quickly and stuck to her decision.

What decisions are you procrastinating on? Your best chance of success is to decide and implement now. Not next week.

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