Honesty Is The Best Policy

Honesty Concept on Golden Compass. As salespeople, we spend many hours investing in our own knowledge. Workshops, conferences, coaching, books…the list goes on! The best sellers are always looking for new ways to increase their knowledge and expose themselves to new information.

This is such an essential key for massive success in sales, but it won’t do you any good if you lack perhaps the most important ingredient in business, which is honesty.

To be fair – the majority of salespeople aren’t “dishonest” people. But, it’s safe to say that many salespeople extend or bend the truth to either belittle the competition or make up for weaknesses in their own product or service.

Don’t be one of the many!

Be 100% honest while selling. If you lie on your resume, you will be caught. If you exaggerate your product’s features, you will be dealing with an unhappy customer. The truth on the other hand builds trust (believe it or not!), loyalty, and integrity with your colleagues and clients. You’ll notice that the most genuinely successful business people conduct their business with honesty being an unwavering principle.

Fibs and “white lies” is still not the truth. You never know when the most “harmless” lie will damage your reputation as a professional.

Whenever you feel the urge to extend the truth, always think about the honest and true “alternative.” For example, here are the honest approaches when dealing with common issues that many salespeople feel they need to lie about:

1) Your Product or Service has Weaknesses

Don’t exaggerate about what your product can do. If you’re aware that your product has weaknesses, then you’ve already taken the first step in correcting the issue. Work to eliminate the weaknesses in your product or bring it to the attention of your superiors. They can often provide solutions and assistance.

At the very least, you’ll be recognized by your colleagues as a problem solver and a solution seeker. Or, you will maximize your product’s potential and increase your sales the proper and honest way.

2) You Lack Experience

Are you new to sales? Don’t lie about your experience, embrace it! Your level of experience often has a direct correlation with your level of effort. You can gain experience by reading books, attending networking events, hiring a coach or mentor. You don’t want to wait for time to pass in order to gain experience.

Demonstrate an elite level of effort and others will take notice. Suddenly, not only does your experience matter less (because your work ethic is driving results), but you will actually gain experience much quicker than you otherwise would.

Wherever exists an exaggeration or a lie also exists the honest “alternative.” Conduct your business with 100% honesty and reap the benefits that will naturally come to you. <– Click To Tweet

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