A Note in Leadership

Leadership Ahead As you know, leadership is one of the keys to every business’ success. It often goes unnoticed to the general public, but a leader’s attitude and actions are what dictates how the rest of the team will function in their day-to-day workings.

There are a few clear giveaways to the level of leadership a business works under:

1) Do Employees Go Above and Beyond What They’re Expected?

At the Renaissance Providence Hotel, I witnessed a guest bring in a shirt with a massive stain on it (after an unfortunate restaurant spill) for dry cleaning. The stain was so stubborn that even the hotel dry cleaner couldn’t remove it. In an amazing act of customer service, the manager took note of the shirt’s brand and size, and bought the guest a new shirt from a nearby mall.

This manager’s actions not only make for an extremely happy customer, but he is also setting the tone for the rest of his team to follow suit. He is the leader of his team, and chances are he is currently receiving proper leadership which reflects in his level of commitment to his customers.

If the leader is not going above and beyond, it’s not reasonable to expect the rest of the team to do so either. ← Click To Tweet

2) Do Everyday Workings Still Function Under Unexpected Circumstances?

Airports are notorious for their hit or miss customer service. For someone who travels quite a bit, I can tell you that certain airports are fantastic at dealing with the unexpected (bad weather, for example) and handling their customer’s concerns. Other airports are not always so prepared.

An airport’s ability to function efficiently regardless of circumstance starts from the top. The leadership is responsible to set systems in place that guide the rest of the teamforce in case the unexpected occurs.

3) Does the business bounce back after a public error or bad press?

Mistakes happen. Regardless of the industry, the business or the leadership, it is virtually impossible to escape the margin of human error. It’s how a business responds to a public error that truly defines the type of leadership the business is under.

You may remember the Lululemon fiasco with the “sheer fabric incident” from last year. Many people were predicting a severe decrease in popularity for the brand. As you know, Lululemon was able to defy the critics and is still a juggernaut in their industry almost a year later.

Many businesses would have caved in to the bad press, but it takes true leadership to keep the ship afloat and prosper during challenging times.

Great leadership creates a great team which creates a great organization. In the everyday hustle of ensuring that the products, customer service and attention to detail are being looked after, it’s often easy to forget to set an example for the rest of your team. Be the leader that you would want to work for.

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What would you say is the biggest characteristic that defines a great leader?