Higher Sales Target? 2 Tips to Crush It! | Sales Strategies

How many of you have been asked to do less work than you did last year? No one has ever been asked that. Even my clients in shrinking markets are asked to do more sales. This is what’s expected from salespeople.

Here are two sales strategies that you must employ if you’re being asked to do more sales this year.

First, do account-based selling. Why do I advocate this method? Because account-based selling means that you’re taking a targeted approach to an entire account, not just a single person within the account. You’re gathering all the case studies and success stories associated with that buying influence and mapping out all the different ways to attract multiple buying influences so that you can close quickly.

Account-based selling also requires you to use more internal resources than just yourself. It’s an integrated sales and marketing approach that will attract the best customers to you who will close deals quickly.

You also need to ask for the business.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to sales calls made by great sales professionals who just don’t ask for the business.

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Implement these two strategies into your business and I guarantee that you will sell more this year than you did last year.