Got Grumpy?

Sometimes there is simply no way of making them happy… My niece Georgia was not a happy camper last week when the weather got warm but she still wanted to wear tights. She was hot but didn’t want to get changed… Turns out, a perfect recipe for a very grumpy girl.

Unfortunately, identifying the landmines in advance with a six year old can be a bit tricky. And once they go off – there is often little that can be done.

Now, I don’t want to explicitly draw parallels between a grumpy child and an unhappy sales person, but there are a couple of similarities. First and foremost, when the sales team is unhappy, it won’t perform and everyone suffers.

When a sales team spends more time competing with each other than the competition, when they don’t understand whose leads are whose or how they are getting compensated, results will suffer. In short, a grumpy sales team is an unproductive group.

However, unlike our niece, there are things you can do to ensure that your team acts as a cohesive, productive group. It takes commitment and time by sales leaders. And the reward will be better sales!

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