Getting Rid of the Life Suckers

Working hard to stay positive? Then you need to minimize the effect Life sucker have on your life. By adjusting some of your existing environments and association your life can take a quantum leap forward. Sure its not comfortable to make that move. Nothing worth doing is ever easy the first time. Step back and look at the big picture of your life. If you want to grow and make it permanently positive you will need to assess your surrounding and eliminate or reduce some of the people you come into contact with. Her are some ideas on how to do that gracefully, and ethically,

1) Lead by example. If you tell people what you are going to do, if you share your dreams or goals with them be prepared to go at it with full force. If you are passionate about what you have chose to work on, then attack it with the same passion.

Too many people only talk about what they are going to do, instead of doing it. That is just bragging. When you begin to succeed, you won