Getting Back to Selling Value | Sales Strategies

Now is the time to get back to selling value!


There has been no shortage of challenges over the last couple of years. From the pandemic, wildfires, storms, supply chain issues, lockdowns, and employee shortages, these have been some of the most chaotic and challenging selling times. This, unfortunately, has resulted in a very tactical and reactive mode of selling—whether it’s just scooping up as much business as possible regardless of the quality or fit in order to keep revenue in or because your clients are panicking and you need to help them in every way possible.

At some point, however, you need to get back to selling value if you want to thrive in the long term.

Why You Should Get Back to Selling Value 

Now is the time to get back to selling value and stop looking at the market as chaotic. We need to get out of this tactical and reactive mode of selling and start talking to our clients again about value. Start having deeper conversations with them. Do this especially if your competition hasn’t moved out of that tactical and reactive mode of selling because now’s the time to differentiate!

Engage more people in the conversation. Talk to your clients about new and unique value. Share insights, success stories, and best practices with them about what other people are doing. By accomplishing this, you’ll slow down the conversation at the front end of the sales cycle and speed up the close at the end and dramatically increase the value of every one of your opportunities.

You’ll indeed differentiate yourself from your competition and create a dramatic apples to oranges comparison by which they will not be able to use price or even availability as the only differentiating factor.

So, make this time your time to get back to selling value!