Get Over Yourself!

goldfish jumping - improvement conceptIf you’re taking time out of your day to read this blog, one thing is for sure, you are not meant for mediocrity. You are investing time into learning and increasing your knowledge, which is more than many salespeople can say for themselves.

But, if you want to be a top performing salesperson, you may be interested in the following statistic:

In North America, 10% of people will be top sales producers. We’re defining “top salespeople” as those who are able to hit at least 110% of their quota every year. You should also know that there are top sellers who hitting as much as 200% and even 300% of their quota each year.

That being said, about 20% of sales people are either too new to sales to measure, or they are so bad that they’re on the way out.

That leaves 70% of salespeople as mediocre sellers. They’re good, but not outstanding.  They’re fine, but not memorable. They close 1 in 3 deals available to them, leaving 2 deals to go to their competition. They are not failing, but they are mediocre performers.

How can you be a top performer?  Here are two important steps:

1) Get Over Yourself

Selling and sales is not about you.

It’s not about what you want and what you want to tell the customer. It’s not about what you want to sell and it is certainly not about how you feel. If you’re making sales and your only focus in your own benefit, you’re approaching the entire profession from the wrong angle. As a result, you will likely find it very difficult to satisfy your customers because your focus is only on yourself.

2) Focus On Your Clients/Prospects 

Sales is about accomplishing your clients’ and prospects’ goals. 

It’s about what they want to know and how your product can get them from point A to point B. Focus on the customer first and the sale second. In doing so, you will close more sales as you build stronger relationships through likability and trust.

Remember sellers, your focus should be on your client, not just yourself!

There is, of course, more that goes into becoming a top salesperson. However, you must be approaching sales from the right angle to get yourself into the top 10% of salespeople. <– Click To Tweet

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