Get Connected!

Chris and I just returned from Dan Kennedy’s Information Marketing Summit in St. Louis, Missouri. This was the third time I’ve attended this gathering, and I picked up so much in terms of “What’s Next” for Engage. I also had a chance to network with some of the best business and marketing minds in North America, and to connect with my friends, including Susan Berkley (shown here with me at the conference), who will be speaking at the Engage 2009 Powerhouse Event in Ottawa!

Getting back to Dan’s summit, it addressed the new selling environment that we’re all facing. It provided Chris and I with back-up and confirmation of our own research regarding the challenges that are ahead for sales people. As a result, I am now equipped with even more selling strategies for the “New Emerging Economy” and I can’t wait to share them with you. We can help you sell through any economy-good or bad-if you are just willing to apply the principles.

As a start, this week we are announcing a new and complimentary teleseminar focused exclusively on how to sell in the new emerging economy. You can’t afford to miss this session November 25th because it will outline the 4 steps you MUST do to recession proof your business and grow, even when others are shrinking. Check it out and sign up here:

Sales Stimulus Teleclass

Here is another must: be more creative in finding prospects and gaining referrals. How? Start using non-traditional methods, such as social- and professional-networking sites. Yes, I mean Facebook, NingTwitter, LinkedIn and Plaxo. I am on all four and am happy to connect and be your friend! Building a strong professional online network will lead to a strong sales pipeline offline. Why? Because 78% of all buyers do online research before they buy an offline product. The majority of your clients use Google to research you before they call you back, invite you in, or have a meeting. They qualify you in or out based on your online profile. Sound scary? Only if you are invisible online.

Step 1: Google yourself today. What do you see? What do your clients see?

Step 2: If you need an online face lift, connect with me and start developing your professional network.

You will profit as a result. I promise.

Dedicated to increasing your sales,

P. S.  I am serious.You really can’t afford to miss the teleseminar on how to sell in the new emerging economy on November 25th. Sign up now. I know you will profit from the hour you spend with me.