Four Tips for Building Rapport and Closing Sales Profitably

Do you find yourself using sales lines you heard in Hollywood films like Tommy Boy or The Boiler Room? If so, it may be time to consider a new route. Chances are those
trustmovies were not made to demonstrate solid sales techniques to the audience! They will do little to no good in building proper rapport with prospective clients.

Consumers want to buy from people they like and that they trust. Let’s take a look at four key principles needed to build high trust relationships.

1. You Can’t Sell to Everyone

Embrace the fact that you will not be able to sell everything to everyone. Bring this piece of knowledge with you in every sales call. You want to make sure your client knows you aren’t going to attempt to sell them something that they don’t want. Your goal should be to give off the exact opposite of the pushy salesmen vibe so many consumers are repelled by. You want to make it clear that it’s completely okay for the client not to buy anything from you at all. What most people will be surprised to know, is that the more opportunities you give the client to say “no” the more often they will say “yes.”

Confused? Don’t be!

Your honest approach will help break down the barrier that a client will naturally put up to protect themselves from traditional, run of the mill sales tactics. Sales should be an open and honest exchange of ideas, in the form of a conversation (as opposed to a sales lecture). These conversations are what will help maximize your chances for success.

2. Your Customers Are More Interested In You!

Your prospects aren’t looking for sales people to sell them a product which may or may not be beneficial to them. They are looking for an honest adviser, to help influence them on important decisions. Clients want to buy a product that was advised to them by a trusted source, not a product that they were lied, forced or manipulated into buying. There is no selling influence without a foundation of trust. Building trust can take time and patience. Methods such as making sure your body language, words and tone are all in alignment will help you in solidifying rapport with the client.

3. The First Minute Will Determine If A Prospect Will Trust You

You only get one chance to make a first impression! The biggest and most common mistake I see in the field today is sales people trying to bond with the client too early. Small talk over family photos, trophies or office paintings, especially during the first meeting, is getting too personal, too soon. While having conversations like these too early may not make or break a sale, you risk the entire sales meeting turning into a back and forth exchange about your personal lives that you can’t escape.

4. Customers Buy From Sales People Who Understand What They Want

Consumers want to buy from sales people who understand what they want. Showing genuine understanding and recognizing their needs as important, make huge advancements in getting the client to trust you and eventually buy from you. Want to know what your prospects really want? Just ask. Go beyond their needs by asking questions like:

A) What about “X” is valuable to you?

B) What have you tried before you?

C) How did that work out?

D) Why is this problem so important for you to fix?

E) What if you do nothing?

F) What happens if this problem continues?

G) What have you tried so far?

Closing starts at the start of the dialogue, not at the end (that’s when it’s too late!). If you build trust early on you won’t have to resort to the typical sales tactics which actually repel your client and prevents them from wanting to do business with you.

What are your favorite ways to build rapport with prospective clients?