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Now that you have your plan for the year, (and if you don’t read yesterday’s posting please!) you’re ready to execute it and build your prospecting network. Your success in achieving that step will not hinge on the power of wishful thinking, but on remaining steadfast, unequivocal and focused on your sales goals. In sales, the ball only gets rolling for you once there are prospects to talk to, contacts to follow-up with, and customers with whom to close a deal. Acting on, or at least thinking about, prospecting should be part of your daily business habits. As noted author and speaker, Zig Ziglar, once remarked: ‘Daily objectives are the best indicators of character.’

Among the top 10% of sales performers, a common trait is that they are consistently focused on what needs to get done to achieve their goals. Find a formula that works best for you in terms of being able maintain that sense of focus.

Mark in your calendar the time you’re going to spend daily or weekly to reach customers, and close your office door until you’ve completed the task. While you’re at it, turn off your email and don’t take any incoming calls. If you work in a cubical, find a closed office in which to do your prospecting. In other words, force yourself to stay focused and avoid distractions. The fewer distractions you have, the faster your work will get done. If you are having trouble committing to meeting your targeted number of daily sales calls, try making them always at the start of your day. Don’t start another task before you’ve met your target.

Remind yourself regularly why this target is important to the goals you’ve set for yourself and why your daily activities have to be completed for you to move your sales performance into the stratosphere.

Keep your goals and your plan in front of you all the tie. If they are out of site, the are out of mind. Personally I review my goals at least twice per day. When I start work, and when I get ready for sleep. This helps we to cement in my mind what needs to be accomplished short term and long term. AND, it keeps me focused!

Your action for the week:

At a minim, to ensure you hit your 2010 goals, commit to pospect every day. Block some time in your calendar daily and devote it exclusively to making introductory calls to uncover new leads. Generally, you ought to be able to make 10-15 calls per hour. If your personal goals require that you make 25 calls daily to hit your revenue objectives, be sure to set aside two hours every day. There isn’t a good or bad time to make those calls-but I recommend starting by blocking this time for first thing in the morning. That’s when you’re at your sharpest, and are least likely to have other issues competing for your attention.


Dedicated to increasing your sales,
Dedicated to increasing your sales!