Flexibility: The Key to Success?

Could flexibility be the key to success in 2021?

We’re approaching the very end of a year that’s been, well, memorable to say the least.

Regardless of how 2020 unfolded for you, it’s safe to say it’s a year nobody is going to forget any time soon.

And, it’s also safe to say that those who succeeded most this year, whether that meant growing or simply staying afloat, were the ones who understood the importance of adapting and pivoting.

When the pandemic started, some thought (and hoped!) that we’d be “out of the woods” within a few weeks or months. And, as we enter a new year, it’s safe to say the end doesn’t seem to be quite here yet.

As a result, flexibility may be your greatest strength moving into 2021.

That is, being able (and willing) to course correct based on how next year unfolds might be a philosophy worth embracing.

I get it, we were all caught by surprise this year by an unprecedented series of events from the initial outbreak, to the official declaration of the pandemic, to ensuing lockdowns and restrictions.

I also know that flexibility may be an “easier said that done” thing for you right now.

Even if you can’t pivot everything in your business, being able and willing to pivot something whether it’s a better website, a more robust online ordering system, or a COVID-proof delivery system for your clients, being flexible gives you the opportunity to continue making the best out of an unpredictable and uncertain time.