Five Places You Need To Be

Have you ever wondered why the most skilled salesperson on your team or in your organization isn’t always the one who finishes the year with the best results?


It’s true; your ability to sell often dictates how much you will end up selling. However, there are other variables to consider.

One of the most important elements involved in greater sales results is where you place yourself. You can reach a certain audience behind your desk with a phone in your hand, but you will often be met with similar results week after week, month after month, and year after year. Stationing yourself in one place severely reduces your chance of achieving any type of scalability with your sales results. ← Click To Tweet

Because of this, you are required to give some thought to creating and reinforcing what can be called a “sense of place.”

To ensure that you are reaching a larger audience and increasing the number of prospects in your pipeline, here are five places you need to be:

1) Wherever Your Customers Are

You need to begin showing up where your customers are. This is almost a no brainer, but it’s something that goes unnoticed by many salespeople.

You don’t need to show up at your prospect’s office unannounced and begin trying to sell, but you should be trying to capitalize on every opportunity you have to see your client face to face.

For example, one of Engage’s clients delivers all written proposals by hand instead of through email or snail mail.

2) Networking Events

If you pay close attention, there is a real and definite correlation between individuals who attend networking events and their level of success

The more you attend these types of events, the more you meet like-minded people and potential customers.

3) Social Media

It almost goes without saying in 2014, but so many salespeople and organizations are caught slacking on social media. Some businesses don’t even have a Facebook page!

Get caught up with your social media networks and ensure that you are active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn especially.

4) Everywhere?

I don’t mean you have to be everywhere all at once. Lucky for us, defying the laws of physics is not a prerequisite to sales success!

You should however, be available via Skype, instant messaging, Facebook chat, and Twitter DM. That way, no matter where in the world you are, you are able to receive an inquiry in real time via your mobile phone and respond to prospects promptly.

5) On The Phone – After 5PM

Improve your success rate of reaching high level decision makers by making calls after 5PM. Things are quieter and you are less likely to have to go through a gatekeeper.

Many high level executives are still at their desk long after their admin staff (and much of the professional world) have left for the evening. Take advantage of this!

Put yourself in these five spots and see your sales skyrocket!

Where else do you place yourself to create more sales success?