Failure, Fire, Explosions and Injury – oh My!


It’s been an interesting week in our household. First, the failure. I failed the motorcycle test I had to take last weekend. And it wasn’t a “soft” fail. No. It was absolute. A traffic violation. I ran a red light to be exact. Well, to be more exact I ran the FIRST red light on the exam. I guess if you are going to fail you may as well do it in the first 5 minutes of a 45 minute exam. The good news was I got to come home early to prepare for a dinner party. The bad news is that I have to re-take the test later this summer. I am still passionate about riding. In fact, Chris and I are taking an overnight trip away this weekend on our bikes. And it’s that passion that will ensure I pass the test on a second try.

If you have ever worked with me directly you will know that I believe that passion and persistence are THE winning combination. In life and in business, you win some and you lose some. There will always be some reason why some people will never buy from you. You will always lose some opportunities. The key to ongoing success is persisting AND having passion for what you do.

It’s the passion that keeps you selling even during those time when you have lost more than you have won. It’s passion that keeps you going when customers complain. And it’s passion that ensures your success over the long term of your sales career.

In my experience, the best sales pros put passion into everything. It’s a magnetic quality that doesn’t just motivate them to get to work, it persuades – even inspires – others to want to work with them. As a sales trainer, I teach people how to channel that passion and encourage them to make the time to read the right books and participate in sales training seminars and telelclasses. When they find the magical combination huge success results.

Dedicated to increasing your sales,

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P. S. S. And the Fire, Explosion and Injury? Lucky for me, those all happened to Chris. You can read the gory details (and I do mean gory) in his blog posting.