Even I Am Not This Stupid…

As far as I am concerned, Dan Kennedy is the smartest direct marketing guru around. I recommend his “No B.S.” Series of books to everyone. If you work, you should read them all. Especially the No B.S. Guide to Time Management

So this week I received my monthly newsletter form Dan and in it he references a study done for Virgin Mobile on cell phone use. Its states that 5% of cell phone users answer their phones during sex. INSANE!

When I am coaching sales people to make prospecting calls I insist that they turn cell phones, email, and pagers off, to only focus on the phone for that 1-2 hours. I believe that nothing is so important it can’t wait for 1-2 hours. You can get to everything else in your work day once you have done the most important thing for your business – find new customers! Focusing on the task at hand, without the distraction of email, cellphones or your backberry/treo is the key to success.

Focus and discipline is the key to success. Not just in sales. Look to professional athletes. Those that are disciplined, block out distractions, and focus on their specific job at that time, win.

In sales, those in the top 10% guard their time jealously, focus on profitable sales activities everyday and make lots of money. Mediocre sales people continue to get distracted by less important items, waste time with unprofitable tasks and don’t continuously generate new business profitably. They remain mediocre.

So back to those who get easily distracted during sex. My guess is that with that little focus and discipline to get the job done, they also never achieve greatness!