Engaging Thoughts for November

Here is what is on my mind this month.

  1. Don’t just think about the end of Q4 or the end of the year. Think beyond,  and into Q1. What are you doing today to ensure a full pipeline for January 2014?
  2. “Hunters” and “farmers” are passe. Today,  the best sales people know how to find new clients PLUS keep the ones they already have.
  3. Good sales people do not have to become managers. There is nothing wrong with staying a top seller for your whole career. In fact some would say that it’s worth more money and less hassle.
  4. Inside sales teams are not supposed to function as “administrative assistants” to your field sales team. They are complimentary sellers who should have their own independent quotas and client territories.
  5. Accelerated growth comes from both a high quantity and high quality of contact with your clients.
  6. You get what you expect. Some people expect bad service, a lousy experience, and to fail. And that’s exactly what they get. Others expect to have a great time, fabulous service, and success. And guess what, that’s exactly what they get!
  7. There is no such thing as time management.  It’s just discipline.

Dedicated to increasing your sales,