Engage Member of the Month Lesson

Congratulations to Lead-up Member Laura Holliwell who wrote to tell us of a recent success: 

“….I got my first lead from Facebook yesterday (at our national sales conference you suggested that we use Facebook etc. so I did). It was a lead from a cousin of mine that I hadn’t seen in 3 years who would never have known what I was doing now! Now I need to take a better look at these sites…and see if I can’t make better use of them.”

 There are 4 lessons to learn from Laura’s success:

  • 1. She took action and stuck with it for a couple months until it yielded success. The “national sales meeting” Laura refers to was at the end of August and she write to us in November. The lesson: Be persistent
  • 2. Laura is increasing the number of channels for lead development. Facebook is one channel not her only channel. If you rely only on one lead generation system you put your business at risk. The lesson: One is the most dangerous number in sales. Diversify
  • 3. Laura is embracing the web. 87% of all your buyers (regardless of the industry) are using the web to find out about you and your company before they spend time engaging with you. What happens when you Google yourself? Any search results you would want a buyer to see? The lesson: Your online presence will help of hurt you in sales. Check out yesterday’s blog post for more
  • 4. Laura is building on her success. Notice that she says: “Now I need to take a better look at these sites…and see if I can’t make better use of them.”“Sites”, plural implies she will work to replicate her Facebook success in other places. “Better use of them” means she will find ways to multiply and leverage her success on her chosen sites. Lesson: Do more of what you have success at.

Clearly Laura is an action taker. No doubt she will profit from it. And you can too. The entire lesson above is applicable to your business regardless of what you sell. While Laura happens to be selling a “B2C” product, in my world all selling is H2H SellingTM Human to Human Selling.

Dedicated to increasing your sales,