Don’t Underestimate Testimonials

Are you underestimating the power of testimonials for your sales?

You may consider your own behavior when purchasing something from Amazon, for example.

Somewhere between your initial interest in the product, and ultimately the purchase, it’s likely that you check reviews of the product to ensure other customers are happy with their purchase.

This “Amazonification” of how people buy shouldn’t be overlooked.

Still to this day, too many businesses are far too passive about testimonials. They don’t ask their happy clients for them, and if a client happens to give one on a whim, they keep it in their email inbox, where by the next day, it’s buried among a sea of other communications, never again to see the light of day.

Testimonials matter.

Not only do you need to consistently ask for them, but you need to make them readily apparent on your social media, your website, your brochures or marketing materials and any other relevant places that your brand appears.

In fact, build into your processes, like you do your prospecting and follow-ups, a dedicated time in your calendar to ask your clients and customers for testimonials on a frequency that makes sense based on your specific client base.

If they don’t respond to your initial inquiry, don’t fret! Your clients are busy people, and just as is the case with prospecting, the power is often in the follow-up!

You also don’t have to rely fully on online communications. Pick up the phone, call a client, and ask for one. The key here is to make it easy: ask questions that would form the basis of a testimonial, write it up on the customer’s behalf and send it to them for their quick approval. That’s how simple it can be!

Regardless of how you choose to gather them…gather them you must. And once gathered, show the world just how amazing your clients think you are!