Don’t Overlook this Talent Source | Sales Strategies

I’ve been working a lot with sales managers over the past few months and interestingly, we’ve been talking about recruiting, retention, motivation, and top performance. They all have one thing in common.

All of the companies that I’ve worked with recently have all had top performers come from internal hires as opposed to outside hires. Some of them came from inside sales or customer service roles, but over 50% of the top performers came from completely non-traditional jobs inside the company. They came from delivery drivers who had a great attitude towards the company, trainers or consultants on the team who were good at building customer relations, and project managers who could spot new opportunities well.

So my question to you is how often do you get together with the leaders in your organization and assess talent? If you can move people around from department to department and give them opportunities to succeed, you create a culture of success which creates a non-stop sales boom.