Get Yourself on The Inside Track

RefreshBlogJanuary21stHave you downloaded my whitepaper The Inside Track: 6 proven disciplines to lead your sales organization to winning results yet?

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Without a doubt, you’re doing everything you can to get a step ahead of your competition and make 2014 your best year yet. It’s also the beginning of a new year so you’re probably as busy as you’ve ever been.

I know how important (and hard) it is for you to find a resource you can quickly go through, at no-cost, which is also easy to understand.

That’s why we created this free, concise guide. It summarizes the best lessons for sales leaders so you can quickly read through it and implement the principles immediately.

This whitepaper teaches you how to:

1. Separate Facts from Assumptions.

2. Define what you mean by performance and how you measure it.

3. Choose the right incentives for your team.

4. Know what to do about accountability. 

5. Know your pipeline and how to manage it.

6. Build a feedback system that provides insight. 

It goes into each of these discussions points with much detail so you can differentiate yourself from the rest and become the top sales performer you want to be.

Another powerful resource to maximize your sales this year is The Sales Accelerator. You will receive weekly cutting edge video sales tips that are designed to help you reach greater results with your sales.