Don’t Let This Virus Spread!

Virus! Hazard signCould your sales team be suffering from a dangerous virus?

Like it or not, we’re now hearing more coughing and sneezing than normal, and commercials are filled with daytime and nighttime medication advertisements to protect you and your family from the flu.

But, the virus I want to address this week has nothing to do with the flu. This virus can’t be cured with a few sick days. It lasts longer than the flu and it has the potential to erode your entire sales team (and your sales) if you let it linger.

I’m talking about negativity.

That’s right – if there’s a negative attitude on your team, it’s your job to remove it. The best sales leaders know that one poor attitude can quickly spread across an entire team and create major disruptions in performance.

Don’t beat around the bush….that’s really the best advice I could give you. Fire the source(s) of negativity on your team if they’re not willing to step up, acknowledge and fix their poor behavior. In the long run, it’s worth it to have a seat on your team temporarily empty while you find a suitable replacement, than it is to keep that person and allow them to potentially spiral the rest of your team into doom. Trust me, a fully staffed team that has been infected with a poor attitude won’t do you any good.

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If you think the virus of negativity will stay contained on your team, think again! It won’t be long before your customers and clients begin to feel the attitude slump, and one person is all it takes to reflect poorly on your entire business or organization. In my opinion, it just isn’t possible to be negative with colleagues but positive with clients. Sooner or later, the negativity will surely show its ugly head to your customers.

If you allow negativity, in any form, to continue and persist, you are condoning it…period. Your team is looking to you, the sales leader, to not only lead them to greater sales and more success, but also to ensure that the team is working together harmoniously at all times.

If you suspect that your team is becoming increasingly negative, find the source and take action right away.

It seems fitting to conclude this post exactly how I started it with the title…don’t let this virus spread!

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