Don’t Go Home Until You Do This

This habit should be your non-negotiable daily action. Commit to this and watch your pipeline grow!

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There are two ways to grow your business: by bringing in net new customers, and also by growing your existing customers into additional products and services.
And if you followed me for a minute, you’ll know that I believe you got to build a pipeline and understand the math and the pathway, or your sales velocity, to getting to growth using those two types of sales growth.
But planning isn’t the only thing.
I have noticed that there’s a lot of great planners in our sales community.
It’s the doing that’s critical.
So here’s a piece of advice that I gave myself years ago that has served me and my customers well the last of my consulting.
Well, probably being in sales.
And that is this never close up your computer or go home, lock the door, walk away from your office at the end of the day without having done at least one thing to put new leads in the top of your pipeline.
Leads from new customers, leads from existing customers.
It doesn’t matter.
But don’t break the habit of lead generation and pipeline development every single day.
When you do that, you are compound the effect, the positive effect that you get from growth and you will create growth consistently.

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