Don’t Get Trapped!

business trapYou’ve been increasing your prospecting efforts and as a result, orders and sales are beginning to flood in. Your hard work is beginning to pay off and you’ll never have to spend time prospecting again…right?


Too many salespeople become complacent after a successful period of prospecting. They begin to slow down with their prospecting activities because they’re too busy celebrating current victories instead of focusing on securing future achievements. In short, they forget all about the hard work that allowed them to achieve success in the first place. Don’t get caught in this trap!

Of course, it’s important to acknowledge your team (and yourself) for key victories, but don’t allow the celebrations to hinder your future success.

Unfortunately, the salespeople who get caught up in this “blissful forgetfulness” are often victims to a rude awakening. When all of their current sales are closed or lost, and the month or the quarter ends, they wake up to find out that there’s nothing left. Their pipeline is dry and there is suddenly no one left to sell to.

The bottom line is basic sales prospecting does not require an entire 8 hour work day. As a leader, you should establish a daily mandatory prospecting activity for you and your team. Your team should not leave the office each day without doing at least one thing that builds the pipeline for future business. This mandatory prospecting activity could be as simple as sending an email to a lost deal, or placing a call to an inbound lead.

The activity itself is not as important as the habit of dedicating time each day to focus on building the pipeline. Salespeople generally dislike prospecting, so it’s easy to achieve temporary success and abandon prospecting all together. Because of this, it’s important to create a prospecting routine and build time into your daily schedule to focus on creating future success.

If you don’t consistently build your pipeline, you risk not having a pipeline at all in the near future.  ← Click To Tweet

You are responsible for your own success. If you’re currently reaping the rewards of your hard work, keep working hard! Continue to partake in the prospecting activities that have benefited you in the past and you will continue to fill your pipeline and achieve success in the future!

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What’s one thing you do on a daily basis to build your pipeline?