Don’t Forget About The Influencers!

NewBlogDecember26Have you been working tirelessly on a deal with an influencer that you feel is going nowhere?

It’s true, influencers cannot buy. They can only recommend to the people who can buy. But don’t underestimate them just because they aren’t the decision maker that you’re seeking. If the deal is feeling stuck, you have three options:

1. Hope, wish or pray that the deal goes through

2. Cut the influencer out and talk directly to the buyers

3. Turn your influencer into a coach

Chances are you’ve already narrowed those three options to the best choice.

Changing nothing and trying the same thing over and over again with the influencer, and just hoping that the deal goes through is never a good idea.

The second option is cutting off ties with the influencer and attempting to directly get in touch with the buyer who makes the decisions. While some sellers may see this as a viable option, it’s actually a grave mistake. By cutting out the influencer, you risk sacrificing the rapport and trust you’ve already established with the company, this could cause the entire deal to fail! ← Click To Tweet

Let’s take a look at the third option. By turning your influencer into a coach, you’re able to cut to the chase and ask the point blank questions which can supply you with the knowledge needed to better your chances at closing the sale. Questions like:

1. Who else is supporting this proposal?

2. Who else should be consulted?

Use the resources that your influencer provides. It’s only by being inclusive and encouraging the influencer to work with you, that you begin to increase your chances to getting through to the people who can actually make the deal happen.

Don’t get me wrong; you should always strive to have conversations with the highest level of decision maker that’s appropriate to your specific scenario. Decision makers are the only people who can say “yes.” They’re the ones who sign the cheques, write the purchase orders and they typically own their budget. For many of you, that means getting in touch with a VP level or higher, including general managers, directors or c-suite officers.

While it’s ideal to have already established a relationship with a decision maker before

writing a proposal or preparing a presentation, don’t rely on this perfect scenario to occur all the time. Never shy away from building, establishing and solidifying relationships with influencers in order to propel yourself to exactly where you want to be.