Do You Need to Start Dieting?

Tailors Tape Alright – before you get the wrong impression, Engage Selling’s blog is, and always will be, committed to driving more sales to your business. Despite the title of this blog post, we haven’t turned into a nutrition blog overnight! Don’t worry!

But, the title still stands. You and your business may need to go on a very specific diet if you want to give your prospecting efforts any chance of succeeding.

I’m talking about going on a technology diet.

If you want to be successful with your prospecting, I highly suggest dedicating time for picking up the phone and calling new prospects.

Unfortunately, effective prospecting often gets missed because salespeople are so loyal to emailing, e-marketing, and newsletters. They often forget the traditional, and proven methods for turning a prospect into a client.

Here’s what I recommend for sales leaders:

1) Designate Periodic “Technology Diet” Times

This may not be a popular implementation, but it really does work. Set aside a half day each week or month, and turn off the emails, smartphones, newsletter marketing systems and simply pick up the office phone and start making calls. This forces dedicated time for prospecting without the constant distractions that we face in this day and age.

One of my clients was suffering from flat sales. She decided that the problem was her team was spending too much time “e-prospecting” so she shut down her entire technology system for half a day and she forced them to make calls. They resisted at first, but as soon as they began making the calls, they were met with new opportunities bubbling to the surface. All it took was half a day to overflow their pipeline and sales began to rise.

2) Make Prospecting a Routine

The technology diet is one incredibly effective way to “force” your sales team to prospect. But, you want to instill a mindset in your team where daily prospecting comes naturally to them. Ask them to put sticky notes around their office or set a block of time in their schedule so they can build prospecting into their routine.

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What’s one tip you would provide to a sales team that is struggling with prospecting? I’d love to hear your insights in the comments below!

I get it – prospecting can be an intimidating process for many salespeople. My new book, Nonstop Sales Boom, discusses in-depth strategies for creating a healthy pipeline in your business.