Do You Know Your Customer?

ideal-client Do you really know your target client?

Far too many salespeople and sales teams are focusing on attracting and working with prospects who will not buy, or will be a poor fit. These sellers, the ones who force relationships, all end up in the exact same destination…failure.

The top sales teams are extremely efficient at identifying, targeting, and attracting their ideal client. They can describe their perfect customer in great detail and they focus all of their attention on earning that customer’s business. The sales teams that do not clearly define their ideal client will always be left behind. They may temporarily fill their funnel with prospects, but they will end up wasting time in the long run trying to deliver their services to the wrong client type. It’s like trying to force a puzzle piece into the wrong slot, it just won’t work.

I provide a more in-depth look at identifying your ideal customer in this sales article.