Do something now….anything.

This week I started running again after 3 weeks off. I injured my back in early May, and took 3 weeks off. When I felt better I hit the open road, ran 5 times in 7 days and hit the gym full steam ahead. With 5 minutes to go in the first workout (and after 80 lunges) my back completely seized. I heard a noise that sounded like “Shrek” spoken out of the side of one’s mouth and collapsed mid squat. Bravely stating, “I don’t think I can do another”.


Turns out I had done too much too soon. Up until June 7th, I have operated on two switches. On and off. There had been no easing back into anything. It was always full steam ahead. I now know that not easing back can be disastrous. So, against my competitive spirit, and Type A personality this week, I started slow. A 16 minute run. Just enough to get back in shape without demoralizing.


I know that many of you are demoralized. Sales markets are tough. I spoke to a gold member yesterday who admitted that after years of president’s club earnings last year he did 40% of quota. I have been reviewing corporate results that are far below expectations, and I know that many clients are behind. The good news is this. You can dig yourself out of the hole by taking responsibility first and taking action next. Start small. Start now. Make 2 calls, or maybe 3. I know the task seems overwhelming. To me, running 5km right now seems overwhelming too. I know that if I do 2km this week I can do 3 the following and 4 the next. Eventually hitting 5km again.


You know that if you make 5 calls this week, you can make 10 the week after and 30 after that. Doing so will ensure you hit target this year. Whether you are $1 million behind or $1 thousand behind the first step is the same. Pick up the phone and call someone.


P.S. Hat’s off to Sean who implemented 1 small suggestion I made in training this week: “Call senior executives after 5:30”.  Sean deliberately waited till 6 PM in his territory to place a call to a CF bender-applause O   which he’s been trying to contact for years…without success.  Guess what happened? The customer picked up!   He found a $2.8 million project to work on and now has access to this CFO to follow up with for the proposal and presentation.  Imagine that…..I  often get accused of delivering basic information. If you ask me, any idea, basic or not, that can help uncover a $2.8 million dollar opportunity is worth implementing.