Diving into Customer Success

Chris and I spent an afternoon scuba diving with the team at Key Dives. What an exceptional experience they created for everyone on the boat!

And, as usual, I can distill a number of lessons that you can use to grow your business from my experience. Here are the top three:

1) Expertise matters but it must be captivating as well. The captain of our boat was a commanding and authoritative man, but also fun and likeable. He had charisma and rapport with his crew and guests that made you want to listen to him. Diving is fun but also risky, and the briefings are critical for everyone’s safety. Our captain held the entire boat with rapt attention. As a contrast, when was the last time you saw a flight attendant receive 100% attention to their preflight briefing?

Lesson: Bored customers learn nothing (and buy nothing).

2) The customer experience is paramount. Key Dives have a tradition; when dolphins are spotted from the boat the captain slows down to create a huge wake, and then drives the boat in circles creating large waves that crash into each other. The dolphins can’t help but respond by playing along side and behind the boat in these large waves. We were lucky enough to pass by two large pods on the trip and both times the captain and the dolphins performed majestically. After the dive I noticed the majority of guests in the shop either buying merchandise, or booking their next excursion. Why? Because they had an extraordinary experience.

Lesson: The crew knew exactly how to ensure their guests had an extraordinary experience. This increases the chances of large tips, but also of repeat visitors, and positive word of mouth marketing (like this post).

3) The power of a referral network. We were referred to Key Dives from Cheeca Lodge and I made sure to let the owner know the source of his new business. I also reported back to the Lodge concierge that we had an exceptional experience with the dive shop. Small market or big market, referrals matter. To grow your business, it’s critical for you to ask and follow up with as many referral sources as possible.

Lesson: No one is a success on their own.

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It’s the end of the quarter so use your time widely these next 2 days! Happy and profitable selling to you all.

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