Destroy The Blame Game

Blame concept.

Are you finding it difficult to hit your sales targets?

I have to touch on a pet-peeve of mine today. It bothers me to see salespeople struggling! It genuinely annoys me even more when salespeople blame external factors for their failures. They blame the market, their colleagues, their competition, and their lack of resources for their shortcomings, but rarely ever look in the mirror.

It’s frustrating!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…you are in control of your own sales results! Period.

It’s easy to blame the economy or the market for your lack of sales. It’s easy to blame your colleagues or your competition. It’s easy to blame everything and everyone else. However, successful salespeople rarely take the easy way out.

If you are struggling with sales, it’s time to assess yourself honestly. Are you doing everything in your own power to change things? If the answer is yes, keep it up! You can expect to see a boost in your sales, even if it takes some time, hard work is always rewarded. If the answer is no, then there is still work that you can do before shifting the blame onto other people and circumstances.

Specifically, look at improving these two areas in your business to maximize your chances of getting better results.

1) Testimonials

Take advantage of your client base and the success you’ve helped them achieve. In your sales process, make sure you add a step to collect testimonials. As a sales leader, set goals for your sales team to not only gather testimonials but to use them.

Testimonials are a great tool to leverage. One can argue they are your most important tool for creating more sales in your business. If there’s one area that you should get serious about, it’s the amount of testimonials you receive and use.

Are you doing everything you can to maximize your success with testimonials?

2) Prospecting

Prospecting is another area that many salespeople forget, or refuse to address. It can be difficult to put yourself out there, I get it. But, prospecting on a regular basis is an absolute must for a successful business to remain healthy and profitable. Add a prospecting ritual to your daily to-do list. Whether you pick up the phone, send out emails, or attend networking events…you must put yourself out there in order get business back in return. This is also a critical step that you must ensure you sales team is not forgetting to do.

Are you doing everything you can to maximize your success with prospecting?

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