Day 1: Arrival in Hong Kong. A lesson in Service

After a very comfortable 15 hour journey Chris and I arrive in Hong Kong. The first thing I noticed was the high level of service. Immediately after boarding we were greeted at the gate by a concierge who whisked us away in a little cart.

Colleen pre-flight Considering Air Canada lands at the end of the terminal, I was glad to have the ride. I’m not sure my legs could have taken the 2 mile walk and I run half marathons! 5 minutes through customs and our guide already had our checked luggage waiting on cart when we walked through the door.

We were greeted by a wonderful hotel representative who then  took us to a car which got us to the hotel in a quick 30 minutes. I was expecting traffic but it was surprisingly quiet on the roads. Leaving the airport I was reminded of something I love about Chinese hospitality, everyone stands on the curb and waves good by as you leave! Make me feel like I’m at home, leaving my mom’s house…

At the Four Seasons we were welcomed  at the curb by the concierge, greeted by name, and taken directly to our room for check-in. Each time I have come to China I have been checked into hotels this way and it sure beats standing in line at the desk!

It’s the little things that make a huge difference as a client. Questions we were asked on check-in for example:

rainbow building

  • What time would you like your room serviced each day?
  • What time do you prefer turn down service?
  • What paper in the morning?
  • Can we bring you any more hangers (they obviously looked at the size of my suitcase!)

The answers to these questions don’t add any cost to the hotel yet they make the guests feel more welcome.

So I ask you this, what options, or extra value can you add to your client’s experience that doesn’t cost you anything to provide? 

Stay tuned to this blog. This week is going to be quite an adventure!


PS Just excuse any typos. I’m a bit jet lagged……

Lovely pear tarts delivered within 10 minutes of check in
Lovely pear tarts delivered within 10 minutes of check in
My first time with Persimmons. Delicious!
My first time with Persimmons. Delicious!