Using Perception To Create Customer Success

Jan14 You may be interested in hearing the following statistic: 98% of dissatisfied customers were not satisfied because of their experience with the people that they dealt with. The vast majority of dissatisfaction was related to the customer’s perception of how they were treated. Believe it or not, a small 2% of people actually complained about the product itself.

Note that I said the customer’s “perception of how they were treated” – not how they were actually treated. This is important, because it shows us that in some (or possibly many) of those cases, the employees involved actually did treat the customers fairly and tried to do the best that they could to assist the buyer. However, the way the employees actually treated the customers is irrelevant because the perception of the experience itself is all that remains in the mind of the buyer.

Customer success is about controlling the customer’s perception. To be blunt, being right is never as important as creating a positive relationship with the customer. The number one reason that companies lose buyers is because the customer feels as though they were treated unfairly or discourteously by the company’s employees. <– Click To Tweet

While the product or service you provide is important, it doesn’t hold a candle to the importance of the customer’s perception of you. Far too many businesses focus on the quality of their products but completely disregard the quality of the experience that their employees provide to their buyers. Don’t get caught making this error, as it can damage your reputation as a business that people want to work with!

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How do you ensure that you are providing a quality experience for your customers?