Creating your own Customer Service Problems

Over the past 3 months I have traveled every week staying in a range of hotels from the finest resorts to economy motels and eating at Michelin starred restaurants as well as local pubs.  There has been a range of the quality of product and service but one thing as caught my attention:

Why do restaurants and hotels always try to pawn off the worst table or room to their guests when there are clearly a number of other option open?

Doing so ALWAYS creates a customer service problem, complaint and lower tip.  You reduce your chances for up selling and cross selling and you reduce  client loyalty. When you try and pawn off a bad experience to someone and hope that they won’t notice the opposite happens.

They DO notice. Always.

And when they do you have created an invitation for a complaint, a change or a defection.

Why would you purposefully create a bad experience for a customer who has chosen to do business with you when many competitive options exist?