Creating Success

This week my blog received a comment that my cold calling script in the last post was cheesy”. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions and there are always multiple approaches that work. I only teach ideas that we know work in teh feild today becuase I believe that if it can work for one person successfully, it can work for another. Success leaves clues….

Over the past 15 years I have worked with and observed many successful sales people. And by successful, I mean they are pulling in at least $500k or more in personal income per year. Many success traits I have observed have been written about in my secrets of the top 10% booklet available at our store and we discuss success habits at least once per year is a popular web class.

I do this because I believe strong that Behavioral Congruence is the answer to the following question

“How can I become a successful sales professional?”

Why? Because Behavioral Congruence = Results Congruence.

What does that mean?

Find a successful sales person – better yet, find 5. Take note of all the things they are doing that are the same. Yes, there will be some differences, there always is. You want to take note of the similarities. Keep in mind that the people you model must be people whose results you admire in business, and in personal life. If you can figure out what they are all doing, that is similar, to be successful AND you commit to doing those things, you too, will be successful.

Do what they are doing and you will reflect their results. Many successful sales people are modeled in our e-booklet “The secrets of the top 10%”. If you don’t know any successful sales people to model, this booklet is a great start because it will provide the clues of how to identify success as well as providing concrete ideas on how you can be a success.

Typically what we find is that top performers are:

* They are focused on value not cost
* They are focused on ROI not activity input
* They take immediate and decisive action, and make decision quickly
* They implement, rather than thinking about what to do next
* They associate with others like them, who are supportive of new ideas
* They are all breaking the model of how business is being done traditionally in their industries.

Often, successful people are the ones with the most outrageous ideas. Starbucks was considered outrageous when they opened their first store – I mean really, who thought there would be a market for $7 coffee? With hindsight