Are You Creating Sales Dysfunction?

Is your organization creating sales dysfunction without even knowing it?

I was coaching a sales executive recently and discovered that the company sets goals based on a September 1st FY start, yet the sales teams goals are set on a calendar year.

Think about the discontinuity for a second.

In the company’s Q1, which is the last 4 months of the sellers’ year, the corporate goals have increased yet the sellers’ goals have stayed the same. This means that:

  1. While sellers may hit their personal goals at the end of the year, they will likely not be hitting the company’s Q1 sales goals.
  2. Because the company’s Q2 starts while the sellers are ending their year, the corporate Q2 goals will also not be met either because the sellers will be managing a pipeline and run rate that has not yet been adjusted to hit the company goal.
  3. The CRM has been set to the calendar year. This means that all the data in the CRM is also out of sync with the company goals, and worse, the company ERP.

In other words…dysfunction!

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And, when goals, CRM and ERP are not aligned, coaching is ineffective and results are compromised.

What are you doing to ensure your sales goals are aligned with your sales team’s ability to execute them?

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