Creating Profitable Sales Days

phone icon blue glass, isolated on white background. Your success is created by small daily efforts. While you likely won’t make or break your success on any given day, a series of successful days will result in positive sales results in the long run and a series of unsuccessful days will likely result in less than pleasing results.

Therefore, it’s essential that you show up to work each day with a sense of purpose. Dedicate time at the start of your work day to make prospecting calls. To ensure that you maximize your chances for success, here are 8 steps you can take to increase your productivity and your results when making your calls:

1. Each night before you leave the office, print out a list of at least 30 names to call the next day so you don’t waste your call time searching for names.

2. Make your calls from a meeting room rather than an open cubicle area so other employees can’t bother or interrupt you.

3. Set your phone to Silent mode or keep it in the car during call time.

4. Have a weekly contest to see who can make the most calls, appointments and sales during call time. Some friendly competition can inspire you to do better!

5. Instruct the receptionist to send all inbound calls directly to voicemail.

6. Turn off email and web browsers to limit distractions.

7. Arrive at work 30 minutes early to get settled before call time starts.

8. Send emails to prospects at the end of the day rather than during call time.

Salespeople will often make sales calls at sporadic times and not remain consistent with them. Eliminating this pattern is a key element in creating results that you can be proud of!

When you create a dedicated time to make calls and remain productive throughout that time period, you increase your chances for success. ← Click To Tweet

What’s one way you remain productive while making your sales calls?