Creating a Pathway to Achieve Goals | Sales Strategies

Are you creating a clear and purposeful pathway to achieve goals? Unfortunately, this is something most salespeople fail to do. They simply set the goal, but they don’t create the pathway to achieve it.


How to Create a Pathway to Achieve Goals

Revenue goals: When it comes to creating a pathway for revenue goals, break down your metrics. In particular, break down your closing metrics, average deal size metrics, and closing time metrics. Ask yourself: how many opportunities do I need to have in the pipeline at any given time and how many activities do I need in order to create those opportunities?

Career goals: What skills, tools, activities, courses, books, or conversations do you need to have in order to advance those career goals? When are you going to carve out time to accomplish these? Read that book, set those meetings up, and sign up for those courses in advance!

Personal goals: If you’ve set personal goals, what do you need to do to hit those personal goals? For example, if your personal goals are to take a certain amount of vacation, when do you plan to take them? How are you going to block off the days? Who do you need to engage in order to get those vacations booked?

Knowing the metrics, activities, and when to block time in your calendar will help set you up for success and establish a clear pathway to achieve goals.