Creating a Culture for Sales Success: Steps You Can Take Now to Ensure Success in 2012!

I am very lucky. I get the chance to work with a variety of sales groups in a variety of industries. Through that, I get to see first hand what works and what doesn’t.

And as we kick off the New Year, I want to share what top sales organizations do as they start their year to set the stage for success. The specific actions they take now to create a culture of sales success that will drive their team to top revenue performance.

I’ll be reviewing these specific strategies to making 2012 your team’s best year yet,
this Thursday at 1pm Eastern on my brand new, complimentary 60-minute webinar:
“Creating a Culture for Sales Success”.

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As a sales manager, executive or business owner, it’s the perfect place to learn the precise actions you need to take to right now to position you and your team for success.

In this intensive one-hour session, we’ll cover the critical items you’ll need to put in place as part of a comprehensive culture for success, including:

  1. Not just revenue targets but key performance indicators so reps (and you!) objectively know they are on track for success
  2. Compensation incentives that reflect the behaviors you have determined are  critical for each team member’s success
  3. A pipeline measurement process so you’ll know accurately where you are each month, be able to sniff out red flags, and ensure your teams is not over or underestimating their potential and take corrective actions if required
  4. Feedback mechanisms for reps including the resources to ensure they can make meaningful changes in behavior

Don’t miss this FREE content-packed webinar – you’ll hear precisely what top sales organizations due to ensure their team’s top performance by creating a culture of sales success. 

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Thursday, January 12th at 1pm Eastern / 12pm Central / 10am Pacific

Dedicated to increasing your sales,

Colleen Francis

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