Could Your Sales Team Need to Break Down?

Your sales team could be too isolated!

A couple of years ago, I was working with an organization and we brought their entire sales team together in one room. One of the first things we did is we asked each individual on the team to begin sharing examples, ideas, thoughts and success stories. We wanted to determine whether those success stories aligned with the goals and values that the company put forth.

Something interesting happened though. We began hearing phrases like:

  1. “I never thought of doing it that way!”
  2. “I didn’t know they were a client!”
  3. “I didn’t know team members were hitting those numbers!”
  4. “That’s a smart way to tackle that issue!”
  5. “That’s a great idea to build relationships with clients!”

Essentially, the entire team began learning from each other. Each individual in the room began to discover new ideas, processes, techniques, strategies and other insights to help grow their own individual efforts.

It dawned on the leaders of the team that it had been months or even a full year since the entire group had been brought together. Based on how many new discoveries were taking place, clearly it had been too long!

The number one feedback we received from that workshop is that the team really enjoyed hearing success stories and ideas from other team members on the field. Certain sellers even reported a boost in their overall confidence to do their job and excel at it because they had learned pieces of information from their colleagues to help improve their own numbers.

Never underestimate the power of bringing your team together. Break down the silos, isolation, and barriers that may be prohibiting free flowing ideas to be shared within your sales team. As leaders, we often assume that each team member understands their role and can clearly map out their own path to sales success. If they’re not asking questions, they must not have any, right?

Not so fast.

The world is changing at unprecedented rates, and so are many of the top industries and markets in the world.

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Allow your team to come together and share what’s working and what’s not working. By doing so, you’ll allow your sales team to discover hidden gems amongst themselves, so they can all operate to potential as individuals and help create lasting success as a team!

How often does your sales team get together to collaborate and share ideas?

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